Youth Programs

For more information about booking a Youth Performance or Workshop, please contact or telephone 604.254-8801 and we will return your message.


Uzume Taiko celebrates the rhythm of life itself with shows that wow audiences of all ages through a uniquely theatrical blend of music and dance. Awarded ArtStarts Art Champions in 2007, Uzume Taiko has performed taiko drumming in schools across B.C. since 1992.

Drawing on a broad repertoire, from pieces inspired by the Japanese festival drumming style to contemporary original work, Uzume educates students on the history, instrumentation and martial arts form of taiko drumming and its cultural origins and current context. Elementary shows feature taiko drumming with storytelling using Japanese mythological masked characters. Intermediate and secondary school shows offer energetic, musical taiko drumming with theatrical elements and humour.

Photos: The Legend of Amaterasu elementary school performance


Uzume Taiko members lead hands-on taiko drumming workshops and artist residencies for all ages. Uzume Taiko Workshops exercise the body, mind and spirit with an emphasis on team work.

The program will include active participation in taiko drumming on student taiko drums. The students practice warm-up drills, proper grip on sticks, taiko stance and movements, basic drumming drills, vocal shouts, verbal notation and song playing. They learn the respect and cooperation of group taiko drumming and develop listening and communication skills through the group process. Through its martial arts link, this drumming style engages the spirit and motivates participants to work together through its practice.

Photos: Student Drums