Our Shows

Since 1988, Uzume Taiko has enthralled audiences at festivals, schools, concerts and special events across Canada, the United States, Europe and Japan with its dynamic synthesis of music, movement and theatre. Using a diverse collection of percussive and melodic instruments as well as taiko drums, Uzume Taiko has developed a dynamic fusion of old and new styles of drumming — bringing a vibrant, contemporary sensibility to an ancient art. With the choreographed physicality of martial arts, the heart-stopping pulse of the O-Daiko and the rhythmic sensitivity of a jazz ensemble, the drummers of Uzume Taiko create an exhilarating sensual experience.

Drums on Air

Uzume Taiko collaborates with Curtis Andrews and Alcvin Ramos in a Canadian-Japanese-Indian-African fusion concert. Hypnotic mbira and shakuhachi flute melodies cross paths with large choreography on resonating barrel drums. South Indian and Ghanaian rhythmic traditions are heard on the range of textures and timbres of the taiko drums. The shakuhachi flute is paired with odd time signatures and sophisticated drum melodies. This show transmits rhythms from around the globe and invigorates audiences!


Canadian folk roots musician, Ben Rogalsky joins Uzume Taiko to present an original Canadian show with captivating melodies and rhythmic dialogue. Rogalsky’s voice and his performances on mandolin, banjo, harmonica and suling, creates a varied and versatile collaboration with the taiko drummers. This array of Western instrumentation and song combined with Uzume Taiko’s spirited, lively choreography and dynamic musicality, makes for a one of a kind experience.


Vancouver percussionist Paul Bray, brings Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian music to the fore and blends it with Uzume Taiko’s visceral taiko drum playing. Hara explores new territory in the world of percussion. Both Japanese taiko and Afro-Latin music focus heavily on drums, beats and percussion, and this fusion of the two has produced a powerful performance that radiates energy and moves audiences to the core.

Drum Spirits

Musician Dave Corman joins Uzume Taiko on guitars, keyboards and percussion in Drum Spirits. The addition of a Western drum set adds a new element to the show and Corman’s rhythmic and melodic guitar playing calls out to the drums in an exciting and entrancing musical conversation. Tradition and a little bit of rock n’ roll are combined to create an emotional trance. Drum Spirits brings the East and West together beautifully.


Taikophony joins Uzume Taiko with Scottish Highland bagpiper Michael O’Neill and shakuhachi master Alcvin Ramos. From misty and melancholy songs evoking the Scottish Highland moors, to boisterous and intense drumming that invokes the spirit of a pre-industrial Japan, Uzume Taiko plays with the Canadian landscape of bridging cultural traditions to create striking and inspiring music.