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BACHI - Drumsticks

BACHI - Drumsticks
A taiko player must take good care of their bachi to protect both their hands from splinters and the drum heads from excess wear from sharp, rough tips. A supply of various grade wood sandpaper will assist in the proper maintenance of bachi. Use 100 grit to begin with to sand deep grooves and sharp edges then finish off with 150 to 220 finer grit for a smooth, polished stick. Sanding also removes dirt and dark spots from the drum stick tips which inevitably builds up after prolonged drum playing.

TAIKO DRUMMING Try It! You'll Like it!

GET INVOLVED! For those who have wondered what it feels like to PLAY TAIKO!
BEGINNERS can try a Saturday Taiko Basics Drum Workshop to sample the experience before deciding to enroll for a month of Thursday Beginner Taiko Basic Classes!

DO IT! For those who want to get more action PLAYING TAIKO!
INTERMEDIATE players can join the Saturday Taiko Lab Workshop as a single experience or it may lure you into joining the monthly Thursday Taiko Lab Classes to deepen your training!

ArtStarts Showcase

Uzume Taiko trio, Jason Overy, Eileen Kage and Bonnie Soon, will be showcasing at the ArtStarts Showcase on Thursday, March 1 @ 2:45 PM at the Orpheum Annex. The showcase is an opportunity to reach delegates from B.C. school districts who attend the showcase in Vancouver to book events for their schools. The challenge for us is to condense our 45 min school performance to a 12 min showcase piece. The past weeks preparations have included script edits, re-blocking choreography, theatrical set adjustments, prop,mask and costume maintenance and rehearsing the condensed version.

Uzume Taiko Spring 2012 Workshop/Class Schedule

Beginner Taiko Basics and Taiko Lab Adult Workshops are held on the last Saturday of each month before the next monthly Thursday class series begins.