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Skin Tones Concert Paypal Tickets Info


There have been inquiries from Skin Tones Concert audience members asking how they will receive their Paypal tickets to the shows on November 15 & 16.

Paypal does not issue tickets. Please bring your Paypal receipt to the door where your name will be listed by the Date you purchased your tickets online.

Box office opens at 7:00 pm and is in the Norman Rothstein Theatre lobby. Doors open at 7:30 pm and it is festival seating (no reserved seats).

Thank you and see you at the Show!

Week Two - Uzume Taiko Germany Tour 2012

stealing_thunder_in_gorlitz-sm.jpgWe have done 8 shows out of 18 and today is our one day off before six more shows in a row. It has been quite gruelling so far this tour, so the day off is very welcome. The concerts have been very well received and the audiences and house technicians have been very positive with their feedback. We are spending a lot of time driving between cities and towns but the coutryside is beautiful and the weather has been mostly cooperative. We entered into East Germany for the first time on this tour and the crowds here have been wonderful. It is very historic and different than the West part of Germany. We have had many photos but very few of us performing. We were lucky enough to have a local photographer capture some stage shots at our show in Gorlitz and we have uploaded a couple of them for you to get a taste of what we are fortunate enough to be able to do over here. Please stay tuned for more updates form the road...

Uzume Taiko 'Drums on Air' 2012 German Tour


Here we are one week into our month long tour of Germany. We have played three concerts out of eighteen so far and are in the throws of six performances, a day off and then six more performances. German audiences are very receptive to the show we have brought from Canada. We are happy to be presenting the music from our new CD, 'Skin Tones' which the audiences have been buying before, during and after the concerts.

November 15 & 16, 2012 ''Skin Tones'' Concert @ Norman Rothstein Theatre 8:00 pm

Uzume Taiko celebrates their new CD release, "Skin Tones" and their return from touring Germany in a concert with Curtis Andrews, Alcvin Ramos and Special Guests. Hypnotic mbira and shakuhachi flute melodies cross paths with large choreography on resonating barrel drums. South Indian and Ghanaian rhythmic traditions are heard on the range of textures and timbres of the taiko drums.